Top 10 Reasons
to attend The Rainbow World Meeting

  1. The annual Rainbow World Meeting is by far the biggest and most important event in the Rainbow Business.

  2. You'll hear directly from many of the most experienced and successful Rainbow distributors.

  3. You'll learn presentation techniques that will improve your demonstration skills.

  4. You'll discover new business ideas to make you more effective throughout your daily routine.

  5. You will be inspired and motivated by hearing people share their personal journey to success in Rainbow.

  6. You'll have plenty of opportunity to meet Rainbow people from all over the world!

  7. You'll bring home a wealth of new knowledge that you can share with the rest of your team back home.

  8. San Diego is home to some of the worlds' greatest beaches!

  9. You may have a chance to win FREE RAINBOWS!

  10. You will have a million great stories to tell and photos to show when you get home!


Still not convinced? 

Check out this video from the 2018 Rainbow World Meeting in Orlando, Florida...